Archiving Instructions

The Leaders Group, Inc. uses an email archive system as required by the SEC, FINRA and each state. This is required of all representatives. We are using Global Relay for this service.

There are several options for this depending on whether you have your own domain, use an Exchange server or need an email address. The cost of this (except hosting your domain) is included in your compliance and technology fees.

If you only have a Gmail, Yahoo or other service provider email, we will set you up with a email address.

If you have your own email domain, we do require that your existing email address is set up to journal to Global Relay. If you are with a larger group already registered with The Leaders Group please make sure your organization adds you to the archiving. Please direct all of your technical questions to the support people at Global Relay. To expedite the process of getting this set up, please provide IT contact information here.