Business Succession Toolkit

It’s forecasted that this decade we will face the loss of 12,000 advisors per year, as a major retirement wave will hit the financial services industry. As the industry braces for this massive exodus, The Leaders Group wants to help you better understand the importance of business succession and provide you with resources to create a plan for your practice. In February, the Leaders Weekly has featured helpful tips, guides, and best practices in business succession planning. We understand the importance of our reps planning for the future – as its impact is widespread and can provide peace of mind to your clients, knowing that you have a long-term plan for continuation of the services you provide. 

If you’re attending Straight Talk with the Directors Council this year, you’ll have a chance to learn about the issues relating to succession planning from The Leaders Group reps, each with a special set of circumstances. 

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The following is our Succession Planning Resource Toolkit. This information will be available in the LEADERSlink Library and in our upcoming Leaders University resource site, in the Practice Management section.

Reference Articles | General Resources

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Guides & Samples

An Advisor’s Guide to Succession Planning (NAIFA)

Succession Planning for Financial Advisors: Building an Enduring Business (CFA Institute)

Family Business Succession Planning Opportunities (CPA Journal) 

Client Communications

Inform Clients of Your Succession Strategy

Introducing Clients to New Advisors