Embracing Our New Virtual (Prospecting, Sales and Service) Reality

The onset of the Novel Coronavirus and sharp market volatility could not have coincided at a more inconvenient. As measures to engage in social distancing appeared to create a barrier between financial professionals and their clients, many of which were highly concerned about the recent market downturn.  But that was March, and the market has somewhat stabilized and in some segment it’s more than rebounded. 

You may have clients that have been severely impacted by the current state of our economy. Note this isn’t exclusive to the U.S. as the Coronavirus has affected economics on a global scale. So how do you calm your clients’ fears and help them with fine tuning their financial goals – now and in the future? How do you get facetime with prospects and engage with referrals? And how can you take advantage of this time to diversify your marketing strategies in an efficient manner?

Embracing technology and adjusting your service model to include virtual options will allow you give your clients the attention they need and creates the opportunity for more business activity. Today’s financial professional has or is in the process of building a virtual arsenal that includes virtual meetings, webinars, automated promotional tactics (newsletters, emails, website work flows, etc.) and more. 

So where does this leave you and your client relationships? Gauge your clients and gauge your resources and invest in systems that will allow you to better aligned with your clients’ needs.  

At The Leaders Group, we are committed to helping you by creating partnerships with firms that can assist you with business efficiency and strategies to improve your effectiveness. Learn more by visiting our Resources for Financial Professionals page.

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