Social Media Archiving

Prior to using any social media for business purposes, please read the full Social Media Policies and Procedures here.

If you have any questions about social media use or archiving, please reach out to our compliance team at or via phone, 303-797-9080 x1600.

LinkedIn Personal Page and Twitter

All representatives who elect to use Twitter or LinkedIn individual pages for business purposes must sign up with Global Relay so that their content can be archived electronically. The cost for this service is included with the compliance and technology fees.

This will automatically be sent to you once you register with us, however if you decide to set one up after registration, please email to have this set up.

LinkedIn and Facebook Company Pages

The use of Facebook personal pages is prohibited. The use of Facebook or LinkedIn company pages is not included and is subject to an additional fee of $45.00 per quarter per page. To start this process, please fill out this form.

Once this has been received by the compliance team it will be forwarded to Global Relay, who will reach out to you directly to complete the set up.